Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More March

March was spent easing into our new rhythm as a family... We also made the trip down to LA to attend Joyce's wedding (David's cousin).

More TRM Photos - Tenzin Meeting Xander

March 1, 2011 - Tenzin Ray Mak is Here!!

The pictures lovingly captured by Erica tell the tale... See this link:
Tenzin's arrival was as peaceful and beautiful as could be. He immediately amazed us with a gentle and quiet demeanor. Here are some photos from his first hours with us.

Papa Reed tells the story of his 45 minute drive from Palo Alto to SF to meet him for the first time. There was a broad rainbow in the sky for the entire time he was on the road - right 'over' San Francisco where we all waited to introduce him to his newest grandson.

Mom cherished her time in the care of the lovely nurses and doctors at CPMC and four nights of gentle sleep with her new baby in her arms. Though nothing beat coming home and all being together as A Family Of Four - at last!!

(more photos posts immediately to follow)


Well, February was a big countdown month over here. Mom was really, really pregnant, and looking pretty ready to have my little brother. Here are some pictures of her/us in those final days :) I have also included a favorite of Daddy and me at swim class.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hikes in January

It was cold but sunny, and Mom was super-pregnant, but we got out a lot. These pictures are from two different hikes - one to Phoenix Lake and one towards the beach in Half Moon Bay.

Christmas Visit With Meme!!!

We had such a great Christmas visit with Meme over Christmas. There were many memorable times including making Christmas cookies (more than once!), eating pizza together, snuggling on the sofa safe and dry from the rain outside, a trip to the San Francisco Library to see a special train, and of course, dim sum!!

December Fun

We had a lot of fun with various holiday-oreinted activities during December. Here are several shots captured along the way... the Nutcracker in San Francisco, a visit with Santa Claus, and getting our Christmas tree ready with Dad.

Thanksgiving Hike

We went up Mt. Tam on foot via Summit on Thanksgiving morning. I floored my parents with how nimble and fast I am on a path! When we made it back to the car, I was ready to go again :)

November Trip to Train Town

One of our favorite places to go is Train Town up in Sonoma. Here is one of our last trips before the rains came.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


It was a GREAT one this year! We had a parade at school for which the entire Seal Class dressed up as doctors and then I transformed into Buzz Lightyear, sound effects and all, for the actual holiday on Sunday. Too fun :)

Random Fall Photos (+ some from Train Town!)

It has been a fun fall for the Maks. We did a lot of adventuring and exploring - and just enjoying the seasons. Here are a few photos of us out and about in the last few weeks - including a few from a visit to Train Town yesterday (I actually BEAT my Dad at Air Hockey!).

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Playing in Europe!

You'll want to read from a several posts down up... this is the last of several entries about Europe. These photos are of some of the fun I had at playgrounds in France and Spain. Love, Xander